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Laura, also known as @lauraverwi on Instagram, is a 25-year-old German content creator and influencer. Her background as a model and fashion store manager has led her to where she is today, where she lives the fashion and blogger scene to its fullest.

At the age of 15 Laura began her model career and spent the next 10 years modelling. "I was basically growing up with taking pictures, so the world of fashion has always been in my life in a way. Now I love to create fashion content on Instagram... It's so inspiring being free to create anything I can possibly imagine in my looks."

I like to add a little personal thing to every present. For Christmas I like to bake homemade cookies.

What’s your perfect Christmas outfit this year?

"This green satin suit that I am wearing now. I really love the concept of styling oversized clothes in a subtle way, but then spicing it up with a lot of different Rosefield items – you can really go all out with jewelry for Christmas. For cozy days at home, I love to wear loose wide trousers and a nice knit pullover. This season’s theme is: Oversized, oversized, oversized!"

What’s your favorite Christmas memory as a child?

"Family is my number 1 priority and therefore I love to be together with them on Christmas! A favorite childhood memory is celebrating Christmas in Poland with my whole family, and there it’s not at all about the material thing, but more about the real purpose of Christmas – which for me, is being together with my huge crazy family."

You never see me without a Rosefield watch, especially the gold watch from the Ace collection. I'm always on time and I hate it when somebody is too late. Generally, I am always team gold – for jewelry and watches.

You picked the rose gold Rosey necklace to gift your mom for Christmas. Why is that the perfect gift?

My mom is a real heart-person, she always gives 150% for me and my siblings. The engraved initials stand for the names of me and my two brothers, Thomas and Marcel. I think it’s just the right gift since she would be wearing the necklace with “us” close to her heart.

Before we round up our talk, Laura mentions that she has a note in her phone with gift ideas. "Every time when a friend or my boyfriend mentions what they like, e.g. when we are shopping, I would write it down in my phone. When it’s time to choose a present I can simple check my list and get them what they really like. It’s pretty easy – maybe this planning and efficiency is even a bit German, haha."

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