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From a countryside farm girl to an illustrator, stylist and fashion editor for Grazia and Jolie Germany - 26 year old Anneke Steuwer is living the life she always dreamed of. We talk childhood, Christmas gifts and career.

Anneke grew up in a small village surrounded by rolling hills and acres of farming land, where the most creative job one could dream of was to become an art school teacher. "It was a long journey to get where I am today. I was always a very creative child, which led me to art school. I started with drawing and art until I got a professional camera for Christmas one year and totally fell in love."

"After I finished school I started to learn photography and got in touch with the world of fashion photography & editorial production. I fell in love. I wanted to be the person that imagines all these beautiful stories and tells them with the help of fashion and photography combined."

When I am illustrating it’s like meditation to me. I forget everything around me, even time. I can barely tell the difference between illustrating for 15 minutes or two hours.

At the age of 15 Anneke received her first professional camera for Christmas. "I wouldn't be doing the job that I'm doing now if I hadn't received that camera. I still bring it everywhere I go."

"My favorite Rosefield item is my golden Rosefield Boxy watch. I've had it for years and it fits with everything I wear. I forget the time all the time, so it’s really important for me to wear a watch, especially when I am drawing."

"After we wake up on Christmas morning we all meet in one of my sisters rooms to watch all these old movies like, Pippi Longstocking and Emil from Lönneberga. Together we then go to church, which is followed by an amazing dinner. After dinner it’s time for presents and once it’s almost time for everyone to sleep, our neighbors ring the doorbell and we usually have a little party at our place."

What are you gifting this Christmas?

"I'm gifting the personalizable Octagon initial ring to my mom, my sisters and to myself. This ring is perfect for my family as you can engrave it with 4 letters, so each of us can wear a ring with the initials of the 4 other family members."

"I make little notes throughout the year when people mention things they like or want, then in December you have a nice list of present ideas. Usually the people are surprised that I remembered it and they think it’s really thoughtful. I also make little cards with drawings or words that I add to the presents, to make it more personal. Just an extra touch."

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