Watch Straps for Women

Customize your watch with an interchangeable watch strap by Rosefield. Choose from a wide selection of leather, mesh, and mixed metal watch straps, for a unique look that is completely your own. Our interchangeable straps are available for a diverse offering of Rosefield ladies watch collections, including the Tribeca, West Village, Upper East Side, Mercer, Gramercy and Bowery. 

A Wide range of Watch Bands

Rosefield ladies leather watch straps are designed in a wide mix of colors, from classic black to vintage-inspired brown, plus blue, pink, grey and more. A leather strap boasts an aesthetic that is structured, clean and contemporary. Some of our styles are made from genuine leather, though we also offer a 100% vegan leather strap — the best option for environmental enthusiasts and animal lovers alike.

Sophisticated Watch Straps

Crafted from premium materials and with expert care, our metal watch straps are sophisticated, effortless and cool. They are available in rose gold, yellow gold and silver, so you can always make your watch your own. We have also created a range of stainless steel, mixed metal and duotone options, so you can play with tone-on-tone texture for a modern, luxurious look. Other types of products also contain our mesh watch straps.

Interchangeable watch straps

Every time you switch out your strap, it will give your watch a fresh look that’s completely unique. Interchange your strap to better match your daily outfit or your jewellery, such as gold earrings, bangle bracelets or stylish sterling silver rings. You can also interchange your Rosefield watch strap with various cases, should you prefer a circular or square silhouette. For a special occasion, swap your leather strap for metal, which will give you a more polished look and must-have shine.

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