Women's Rose Gold Watches

There’s something unabashedly feminine about rose gold — so it comes as no surprise that a rose gold watch is one of our favorite modern-day accessories. Your wrist will always look elegant with a sleek wristwatch in this glossy, pinkish hue. As an added bonus, it’s versatile to mix-and-match with other tones of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets in yellow gold or silver.

Feminine Rose Gold Watches

As the sophisticated shade of rose gold continues to rise in popularity, we are dedicated to developing our offering of watches in this palette. Rosefield’s rose gold women’s watches include the Ace, West Village, Boxy, Premium Gloss, West Village and Small Edit. The Ace has a chic round dial that’s completely classic, while the Mercer has an edgier look with a mesh chain strap and dial in pearly white or contrasting black. For a more retro aesthetic, the Boxy has an angular square case with sunray etching details. The Premium Gloss is ultra-feminine with colorful strap options made from 100% vegan leather, making it a more eco-friendly and sustainable option.

A Rose Gold Watch for Every Occasion

A rose gold watch is an essential for every woman; wear it wherever you go, no matter the time zone. The color’s versatility also lends to pairing it with other jewelry. Layer up with women’s gold bangles, an engraved name necklace, rose gold rings or silver hoop earrings. Some of Rosefield’s analogue watches for women are crafted with durable Japanese quartz movement, and are water resistant.

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