Women's Mesh Watch Straps

While a mesh watch strap is inspired by retro influences, here at Rosefield, the style is now a modern essential. Our selection of premium analogue watch designs includes mesh watch straps in gold, rose gold and silver tones. Our straps are expertly crafted from durable stainless steel with Japanese quartz movement.

Comfortable Mesh Watch Straps

A watch with a mesh band is not only comfortable on the wrist, but also versatile to pair with other jewelry. It channels a look that’s sleek and cool, thanks to its smooth exterior surface of ultra-small links. You can layer it with any number of gold chain bracelets and bangles, or rose gold rings, signet rings and stackable rings.

Interchangeable Mesh Watch Straps

Our collection of watches is also perfect for women who like to regularly switch up their style. For example, our 16mm mesh straps are interchangeable with other straps from the Premium Gloss, Tribeca, West Village, Upper East Side, City Bloom and September Issue collections. 

Rosefield Watches

The Rosefield brand is inspired by two iconic cities, Amsterdam and New York, and the diverse style, culture and energy that each offers. The brand’s signature aesthetic combines classic pieces with a contemporary, minimalist edge. Rosefield embraces the spirit of urban living for a city “insider” — weekend brunches with friends, museum visit, cocktails at the under-the-radar corner bar — and it offers a design for each occasion. The name “Rosefield” was inspire by American President Franklin Roosevelt, whose name literally translates to “rose field” in Dutch. 

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