Women's Leather Watch Straps

Nothing says sophistication like a classic timepiece — and one with a leather watch strap hits the right mark. Our women’s watches with leather straps add a bold statement to every outfit; plus, with our interchangeable watch bands, you can also evolve your watch with your mood and day-to-day style. 

Womens Leather Watch Straps

Rosefield offers leather watch straps crafted from genuine leather, with carefully stitched details. We also have a 100% vegan leather watch strap, which is a more sustainable design for animal lovers and environmental enthusiasts alike. All of our leather watch straps have varying lengths, meaning you can adjust the band to your own personal preference; this ensures maximum comfort on the wrist.

Colored Leather Watch Straps 

A brown leather watch boasts a vintage appeal, while a rich black leather watch is classic, timeless and effortlessly chic. If you prefer a pop of color, Rosefield also offers women's watch bands in a range of shades, from pale pink to tangerine orange and grey.

Leather Watch Band Womens

Most Rosefield women’s watch straps are also interchangeable, meaning you can swap a leather strap for a stainless steel metal strap in shades of gold, rose gold of silver. It’s simple to adjust the strap pending your mood, outfit or occasion. Furthermore, Rosefield’s analogue watches for women are crafted with durable Japanese quartz movement, and are water resistant.

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